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    Welcome to the Department of M-Commerce and Multimedia Applications at Asia University! The department has long committed to its mission of “practical information, multidisciplinary applications and social solicitude”. In response to the coming of the era of knowledge economy, we have been fostering students with the ability of professional operation of information systems and application of digital media. In the Department, we combine teaching excellence and state-of-art research with strong industry links and a global perspective to help you grab the market opportunity and create the added value of knowledge economy.

Anthony Y. H. Liao     Associate Professor and Chairman

Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Louisville, U.S.A.

Chairman, Department of Information Science and Applications, Asia University Director, Leadership Development Center, Taichung Healthcare and Management University

Research areas
Software Engineering, Software Quality Management, Information Systems, Information Management, Service Oriented Architecture , Management of Technology, Knowledge Management, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems