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Labs & Facilities

I433A Information Integration Laboratory & Streaming Media Laboratory
This research laboratory focuses on the integration of information technology methods and areas of application. Space is provided for workshops, postgraduate team discussions, presentations, and system implementations and presentations, with the following research projects:
1. streaming media development
2. digital image
3. customer relationship management
4. human–computer interaction systems
5. collaborative development process management and control
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Information Integration Lab. & Streaming media Lab.
I433B M-Commerce Security Laboratory
The research laboratory conducts research and discussion on issues related to "action business security" and seeks solutions for enterprise information security in the ubiquitous era. Therefore, it focuses on the research and development of talent security and the promotion of security application and development. It also provides relevant seminars and postgraduate team discussions and publishes research on system development and practical applications in relation to security technology. The laboratory research areas include.
1. research, application, and security password system implementation
2. research, application, and implementation of digital watermarking, information hiding, and multimedia security technologies
3. electronic medical record database security research, application, and implementation
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M-Commerce Security Lab.
I434A M-Commerce Laboratory
The mobile commerce lab was established mainly to train the students of this department. The mobile business information technology aims to manage talent and satisfy manpower requirements for the economic development of the country in the future. This technology is used in combination with the action business concept and management decision-making curriculum design. The basic training required to train students with scientific and technological knowledge for management decision-making tasks integrates information technology and management decision-making knowledge and includes research projects in the following domains:
1. E-commerce
2. Electronic enterprises
3. Enterprise information management system
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M-Commerce Lab.
I434B Knowledge and Data Engineering Laboratory
This research laboratory is dedicated to the study of knowledge engineering, e-learning, and related fields, and thus contributes to the school and society: The school contributes to and conducts the following research projects:
1. Studying the theory and practical applications of knowledge engineering.
2. Establishing data engineering systems, exploring and applying artificial intelligence in different fields, and conducting material application of exploration methods.
3. Research on the theory and practice of e-learning and educational technology.
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Knowledge and Data Engineering Lab.
I319 Information Applications LaboratoryThis teaching laboratory supports professional internship courses in subjects such as programming, object-oriented programming, window programming, web programming, website system construction and planning, action learning, information and technology, interactive programming, web system development, database management system practice, computer graphics and 3D animation, software testing, digital teaching design, and multimedia digital learning. These courses are still available after class for students to participate in project internships on campus and for the use of computer-related courses arranged by the whole school. This is a image
Information Applications Lab.
I432 Multimedia Laboratory
This teaching laboratory supports the department's multimedia introduction, computer animation, computer graphics and 3D animation, multimedia application systems, programming, mobile software design, information and technology, web system development, and video and video processing courses, along with other courses, which are still available after class. During this time, students can participate in project internships on campus and in computing courses arranged by the whole school.
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Multimedia Lab.