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Bachelor Programs & Curricula

The curriculum of the Department consists of two main programs: M-Commerce and Multimedia Integration. The details are described as follows.

1. M-Commerce Program

The program is designed to foster students with basic knowledge and skills of integrating enterprise application and information technology. The program's curriculum covers a variety of courses including Linear Algebra Economics, Production and Operations Management, Management Information Systems, Electronic Commerce, Multimedia Application Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning.

2. Multimedia Integration Program

The program is organized to guide students to understand image processing and animation design and cultivate students to possess the abilities of developing multimedia systems and using multimedia applications. The Program's curriculum covers a variety of courses including Linear Algebra, Image and Video Processing, Multimedia Application Systems, Computer Animation, Interactive Computer Programming, Fundamentals of Streaming Media, Computer Graphics and 3D Animation, Computer Game programming and Virtual Reality Applications.

Master Degree Program

In addition to the compulsory course "Master's Thesis" and the mandatory courses "Seminar", "Campus Information Project", "Research Methods" and "IT English", the Master's Program also includes the following elective courses: Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications, Multimedia Knowledge Management, Business Process Reengineering, Game Theory, Advanced Software Engineering, Stochastic Processes, Advanced Image Processing, Practice of M-Commerce Security, E-Learning System Design, Medical Multimedia Informatics, E-Learning Testing and Assessment, Human-Machine Interaction, Dynamic Systems and Applications, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Software Quality Management, Intelligent Agent Systems, Advanced Customer Relationship Management, Coding Theory, Networking Game Design, Research Technical Writing, Enterprise Resource Planning and Practices, Database Management Systems and Practices, Mobile Multimedia Applications and Practices, Digital Learning and Practices, Data Mining, Multimedia Security Seminar, Expert Systems, Statistics.


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