Jiunn-I Shieh
Status Professors
Name    Jiunn-I Shieh
Job title Professor
Education Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A., 1996.
Assistant Professor, Department of M-Commerce and Multimedia Applications, Asia University.
Assistant Professor, Department of Logistics Management, Dahan Institute of Technology.
Instructor, School of Communication and Electronics, Air Force, R.O.C..
Lecturer, Taiwan University of Technology.
Research areas Decision Analysis, Operations Research, Customer Relationship Management, Data Mining, Bioinformatics
Web page https://research.asia.edu.tw/TchEportfolio/index_1/jishieh
Office I512
Extension 1832
Schedule On-campus Schedule
Web page http://dns2.asia.edu.tw/~jishieh/
Year Paper Title
2021 李怡芳、李怡慶、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、黃志璿、黃冠凱、余嘉惠、吳信宏, 探討醫護人員之病人安全文化-以中部某地區醫院為例, 品質學報, 2021
2020 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Hsin-Hung Wu, A Framework of Importance-Performance Analysis Based on the Multiple Determination Coefficient, IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, 2020
2019 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Hsin-Hung Wu(Hsin-Hung Wu)*, Improving Dual Importance Analysis Based on A Shapley Value Associated with A Fuzzy Measure When Interactions of Criteria are Significant, International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, vol.31 no.2 pp.168-183, 2019
2019 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Chih-Hsuan Huang、Yii-Ching Lee、Hsin-Hung Wu(Hsin-Hung Wu)*, Using Structural Analysis to Construct Causal Relationships of the Patient Safety Culture, Engineering Letters, vol.27 no.3 pp.1-8, 2019
2018 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Hsin-Hung Wu(Hsin-Hung Wu)*, A Framework of Applying Ordering Coefficient Based on the Information Energy to Identify the Causal Relationships Among Critical Factors from Raw Data, JOURNAL OF TESTING AND EVALUATION, vol.46 no.2 pp.704-713, 2018
2017 Ling-Ling Hsieh、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Li-Ju Wei、Yi-Chun Wange、Kai-Yuan Cheng、Cheng-Ting Shih(Cheng-Ting Shih)*, Polymer gel dosimeters for pretreatment radiotherapy verification using the three-dimensional gamma evaluation and pass rate maps, PHYSICA MEDICA, vol.37 pp.75-81, 2017
2017 Yii-Ching Lee、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Chih-Hsuan Huang、Chieh Yu Wang、Hsin-Hung Wu(Hsin-Hung Wu)*, Analyzing Patient Safety Culture from Viewpoints of Physicians and Nurses - A Case of A Regional Teaching Hospital in Taiwan, Journal for Healthcare Quality, vol.39 no.5 pp.294-306, 2017
2016 Kai-Yuan Cheng、Sih-Ying Chen、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Yi-Ying Wu、Ling-Ling Hsieh(Ling-Ling Hsieh)*, A Novel Polymer Gel-Loading Phantom for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, ARABIAN JOURNAL FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol.41 no.1 pp.163-167, 2016
2016 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、Hsin-Hung Wu, Measures of Consistency for DEMATEL Method, COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS-SIMULATION AND COMPUTATION, vol.45 no.3 pp.781-790, 2016
2016 S.-Y.Yin、K.-K. Huang、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Y.-H. Liu、H.-H. Wu(H.-H. Wu)*, Telehealth Services Evaluation: A Combination of SERVQUAL Model and Importance-Performance Analysis, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.50 no.2 pp.751-766, 2016
2016 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、Hsin-Hung Wu、Kuan-Kai Huang, Identifying Key Factors of Medical Service Quality by a Modified DEMATEL Method Based on Total Sensitivity Analysis, Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, vol.6 no.8 pp.1844-1849, 2016
2014 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)、劉湘川(Hsiang-Chuan Liu), Analysis of the Threshold Values of Semantic Structure Analysis in Identifying Causal Relationships, COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS-SIMULATION AND COMPUTATION, vol.43 no.7 pp.1543-1551, 2014
2014 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Kai-Yuan Cheng、Huey-Lih Shyu、Yi-Chen Yu、Ling-Ling Hsieh(Ling-Ling Hsieh)*, Effects of Composition Interactions on the Response of a Turnbull Blue Radiochromic Gel Dosimeter, RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY, vol.104 pp.40-44, 2014
2013 Chih-Ming Chiang、Bor-Tsung Hsieh、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Kai-Yuan Cheng、Ling-Ling Hsieh(Ling-Ling Hsieh)*, An approach in exploring the fundamental dosimetric characteristics for a long shelf life irradiated acrylamide-based gel, JOURNAL OF RADIOANALYTICAL AND NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY, vol.298 no.2 pp.1435-1445, 2013
2013 吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Hsiang-Chuan Liu, An Integrated Framework of Refined Kano’s and Kano-CKM Models in Classifying Customer Requirements, Journal of Statistics & Management Systems, vol.16 no.6 pp.349-362, 2013
2011 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu), Applying Information-Based Methods in Importance-Performance Analysis When the Information of Importance is Unavailable, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.45 no.3 pp.545-557, 2011
2010 吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Yen Li、Hsuan-Kai Chen(Hsuan-Kai Chen)*, A Combination of AHP and DEMATEL in Evaluating the Criteria of Employment Service Outreach Program Personnel, Information Technology Journal, vol.9 no.3 pp.569-575, 2010
2010 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu), A Dual Importance Diagram Approach to Evaluate Service Quality, Information Technology Journal, vol.9 no.4 pp.659-665, 2010
2010 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu), A DEMATEL Method in Identifying Key Success Factors of Hospital Service Quality, KNOWLEDGE-BASED SYSTEMS, vol.23 no.3 pp.277-282, 2010
2010 吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)、Hsuan-Kai Chen(Hsuan-Kai Chen)*、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), Evaluating Performance Criteria of Employment Service Outreach Program Personnel by DEMATEL Method, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, vol.37 no.7 pp.5219-5223, 2010
2010 吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)*、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), Quantifying Uncertainty in Applying Importance-Performance Analysis, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.44 no.5 pp.997-1003, 2010
2010 吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)*、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), Applying Repertory Grids Technique for Knowledge Elicitation in Quality Function Deployment, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.44 no.6 pp.1139-1149, 2010
2009 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)、劉湘川(Hsiang-Chuan Liu), Applying a complexity-based Choquet integral to evaluate students’ performance, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, vol.36 no.3P1 pp.5100-5106, 2009
2009 Hsin-Hung Wu、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), The Development of A Confidence Interval-Based Importance-Performance Analysis by Considering Variability in Analyzing Service Quality, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, vol.36 no.3P2 pp.7040-7044, 2009
2009 Tsai-Chi Kuo、Hsin-Hung Wu、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), Integration of environmental considerations in quality function deployment by using fuzzy logic, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, vol.36 no.3P2 pp.7148-7156, 2009
2009 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu), Applying Importance-Performance Analysis to Compare the Changes of a Convenient Store, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.43 no.3 pp.391-400, 2009
2009 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu), Applying A Hidden Markov Chain Model in Quality Function Deployment to Analyze Dynamic Customer Requirements, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.43 no.4 pp.635-644, 2009
2009 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Hsin-Hung Wu, A Framework of Applying A Hidden Markov Chain Model in Analyzing Customers’ Behaviors, Journal of Statistics & Management Systems, vol.12 no.4 pp.693-705, 2009
2009 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)、楊偉儒(Neng-Yih Shih), Finding Behavior Patterns and Evaluating Orderliness of Dynamical Systems by Spanning Tree Invariants, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.43 no.6 pp.1011-1023, 2009
2008 吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)*、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、廖岳祥(Anthony Y. H. Liao)、Shih-Yen Lin, An Application of the Generalized K-Means Algorithm in Decision-Making Processes, International Journal of Operational Research, vol.3 no.1-2 pp.19-35, 2008
2008 吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu)、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Wan-Ru Pan, Applying Importance-Performance Analysis to Analyze Service Quality: A Case of Two Coach Companies, Journal of Information and Optimization Science, vol.29 no.6 pp.1203-1214, 2008
2008 廖岳祥(Anthony Y. H. Liao)、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Hsin-Hung Wu、Shih-Yen Lin, A Case Study of Using the Generalized K-Harmonic Means Method in Decision-Making Processes, Journal of Information and Optimization Science, vol.29 no.5 pp.813-834, 2008
2008 Hsin-Hung Wu、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), Applying A Markov Chain Model in Quality Function Deployment, QUALITY & QUANTITY, vol.42 no.5 pp.665-678, 2008
2007 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*、吳信宏, Using a Topological Markov Chain Model to Evaluate Service Quality of a University Library from Structural Viewpoints, Journal of Statistics & Management Systems, vol.10 no.2 pp.253-265, 2007
2007 Hsin-Hung Wu、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), Using Grey Situation Decision to Analyze the Importance of Technical Measures in Quality Function Deployment, Journal of Statistics & Management Systems, vol.10 no.5 pp.735-742, 2007
2006 吳信宏、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、廖岳祥(Anthony Y. H. Liao), A Power Law-based Quality Function Deployment in Decision-Making Processes, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, vol.28 no.7-8 pp.810-813, 2006
2006 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), Using A Markov Chain Model in Quality Function Deployment to Analyse Customer Requirements, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, vol.30 no.1-2 pp.141-146, 2006
1995 Steven Dworkin、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)*, Deceptions in quasicrystal growth, COMMUNICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, vol.168 no.2 pp.337-352, 1995
Date of Publication Paper Title
2019.11 Yii-Fang Lee、Yii-Ching Lee、謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、Chih-Hsuan Huang、Hsin-Hung Wu, Emotional Exhaustion Assessment from A Newly Established Hospital in Taiwan , 9TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON APPLICATION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY AND STATISTICS IN ECONOMY AND EDUCATION (ICAICTSEE – 2019), Nov. 2019, UNWE, SOFIA, BULGARIA
2009.07 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh), A novel predicting algorithm of thermostable proteins based on choquet integral with respect to l, measure and hurst exponent - Proceedings of the International Conference of Machine Learning and Cybernetics (ICMLC) , Jul. 2009, Baoding, Hebei, China
2008.10 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、吳信宏(HSIN-HUNG WU), APPLYING INTERACTION GAIN AND IMPORTANCEPERFORMANCE ANALYSIS TO IMPROVE THE SERVICE QUALITY , 2008 Asia International Workshop on Advanced Reliability Modeling , Oct. 2008, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Taichung Taiwan
Project Title Participator Period
探討實施電子病歷使用性評估之關鍵因素-以中區某醫院為例(I) (NSC 100-2221-E-468-017-) 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、吳信宏 2011.08 ~ 2012.07
結合語義結構分析法與ILFT分析法於醫療服務品質評估 (NSC 99-2221-E-468-005-) 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、吳信宏、劉湘川(Hsiang-Chuan Liu) 2010.08 ~ 2011.07
結合重要度-績效分析與模糊決策實驗室法於醫療服務品質評估 (NSC 98-2221-E-468 -008 -) 謝俊逸(Jiunn-I Shieh)、吳信宏(Hsin-Hung Wu) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
Category Course Code Course Title Year
研究所碩士班 ES200047A 動態系統與應用 112
大學日間部 ES300121A 資訊數學 112
大學日間部 ES300121B 資訊數學 112
大學日間部 ES300190B 學輔時間(三) 112